The Reviews Below are Dated. Due too the economy.
I make no money off the site so keeping reviews up to date has depended on my money or companies sending there products for review. Ernie Ball- Eastwood Guitars-- Awesome guitar products--these companies have sent equipment not for me but for you. They have trusted my reviews and what they have sent me has been exceptional to say the least.
 So, stand by for more. I intend to advertise in a couple guitar magazines shortly. I am sure this will once again perk some interest in several companies.
  As always--Stay Tuned and thank you for your interest !!!

2013 --  October

      I contacted the Ernie Ball Company to see if they would like to have any products reviewed. After checking the CAG web-site out they contacted me and wrote they have some accessories we would like to have reviewed. First off was the MVP Volume / Gain pedal. Their literature reads the Ernie Ball MVP pedal is ideal for precise volume control, along with a 20+ decibel gain which allows the player to really punch their boost when it is needed the most. This past year I have been trying to get more gain than distortion. Making the guitar have an attitude of being a little nasty when pushed. This coming month I am setting up a new pedal board including this pedal at the start of the chain. Alone and with the pedal board should make for an interesting review. Then I will see how it holds up to six months of weekend warrior abuse. The real world test. The pedal looks to be made to with stand the test.
Update 12-09-13 --The first trials of this pedal are coming off great. Volume pedals are always handy. As the years have gone by I rarely use the volume controls on the guitar. The gain is the cool part. When practicing with my band sometimes The guitar sounds a little dull or it could be me. Just a little push on the pedal and the guitar takes on more of an attitude. This always makes my playing better. More of a challenge to push notes and the amp. I can hardly wait for the next two gigs to see how handy the pedal becomes as the gig progresses.

      Next is the Cobalt Strings. After reading all the stars saying it is a totally new idea in strings I am a little leary. I go through a set of strings after a two night gig. For some reason the sweat {and I play strings very hard} seems to take the life out of them. I can feel the strings go bad as I am playing. Tone and feeling goes out the window with in one song after I would say eight hours of playing them. The Cobalt's are supposed to last longer -- Have a remarkable tone and feel -- I was told that they make active pick ups really come too life. Looking forward to this test.
UpDate -- 11-13-2013
I put the Cobalt strings {10's} on My Black Les Paul Standard [my old baby] and on my Les Paul Elegant. I was told the strings will bring a shock to me on active pick ups. I fitted Black Standard with EMG 81 /85's a couple years ago. The pick-ups sounded great but the guitar was never the same for doing Classic Rock. More for heavy metal. Well -- First thing was I hit the strings using a Fender Princeton amp and was almost knocked of the stool I was sitting on. At least three times as loud. Attitude / Snarl out the "Wazoo". I have my baby back. I can hardly wait to use it in a band practice. On the Les Paul Elegant with Gibson PAF 57's I have never been happy with that $5,000 guitar's tone. It is one of the L.P.'s that has been hollowed out to lighten the weight which makes the tone suffer terribly if your a true lover of the Les Paul tone. On some of my Les Paul's I wrap the string through and around the top of the stop bar tail piece. This actually give's more tone to the guitar--if needed. The Cobalt's made the Les Paul sound like a Stratocaster in the higher registers of the neck. The bell like tone a Strat gets. A real surprise because I cannot make a Strat sound good. Just my style of playing I guess. Also on both guitars the squeak of your fingers moving up and down the strings changing positions is totally gone. I am really impressed with the difference's and there is more to come. I have a American Deluxe Telecaster, an original 1996 American Lone Star Stratocaster and a hot rodded Strat with Duncan Slash pick-ups in it. That guitar is unbelievable. This should be a good test. Amps--Fender Princeton & a Evil Twin, Marshall JCM 2000 100 Watt head w/higher end 4-12 cab and a Fender 1968 Bandmaster w/2-12 [EV's} original cab. 
Up Date 12-09-13   Really interesting new test. Installed the Cobalt's on one of my Squire hot rodded Strat's with Seymour Duncan Active Black Outs the Duncan company sent to me. The strings have over powered the pick-ups. I am trying to lower the pick-ups to the right height to attempt to tame the pick-ups. These strings on active pick-ups are an entirely new game. Every guitar I have installed the Cobalt strings on has made the instrument come off with a totally great new tone. This is really throwing the existing experience I have. This is an old feeling I have not felt in twenty years. A great new challenge from a manufacturer. I have been pushing manufactures for this since 2008.

  Also sent was the Ernie Ball Musicians tool kit. This is a zippered pouch with Allen wrench's for neck adjustments, Multiple tip six in one screw driver {magnetic}, Heavy duty wire cutters for strings, String peg-w
inder, Micro Fiber polish cloth, different types of wet wipe papers that polish or clean, etc., and most interesting is a ruler that is in standard inch / millimeter. This is extremely handy for checking your pick up heights to the strings. Very important on single coil and humbucker guitars. to get the maximum tone. Especially Stratocaster's single coils. Really great idea. When I saw this I thought "Someone really was using their head putting  this together".

UpDate 11-12-2014 I just added the Cobalt strings. Used all the equipment supplied in this nice tool kit w/nice case. Plus the Battery powered Peg-Winder. All equipment in the tool kit is above standard. The wire cutter's are better that my Sears Craftsman. Now that is saying something. Extremely sharp and tough. The hand peg-winder above average. Thicker plastic and axle. Really makes my regular peg/string winders look and feel totally cheap. Have as of yet to use the ruler for adjusting pick up height and string relief. Again I am impressed with this. Then comes the battery powered peg winder.Talk about spoiling a guitarist. I will add a picture of it shortly. This product has forward and reverse trigger modeled after a power pack drill. Has a wall wart power charger. Just plug it into the base of the winder and it charges in around fifteen minutes. Charge lasts a long time. You can change the strings on four or five guitars and still have reserve power. Every product here is way above average in quality. Even the Allen Wrenches won't strip like the old {what we used to call}oriental manufactured type's. Everytime I used something out of the tool kit I was impressed by even the smallest device that came with it.



   The last item was the Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro string winder. Sort of a battery powered string winder. Looks and feels like a small battery powered drill. Another handy item. Right now I own thirty-five guitars. I change strings on them fairly regular. As I wrote I prefer new strings when I play. Some times an expensive for my passion in string feel. This should stop any wrist fatigue from a regular string winder.
     This is just the begin of this review. As always stay tuned. In about two weeks I will update this. This review should be interesting and a lot of fun.

Update:  Feb 2015     I have become spoiled by These products. The The tool bag have become indispensable. Every time I turn around I grab the bag so I don't have to search for certain tools. Peg winder I thought was for wimps. Now that I have it I use it every time I change strings. I have been using a GT6 and GT-8 for effects for years. I am putting together a pedal board with the MVP pedal. This should be a killer board with very simple pedals I have bought over the years. A lot of Boss and DOD stomp boxes. I will have picture shortly!

AweSome Musical Instruments "Pickup Tone Multiplier"

  The people at Awesome Musical Equipment or http:// contacted me to take a look at their
website about their "Pickup Tone multiplier." I sent an E-mail back and wrote I could do a review of one of their products. Also I do not add link's for companies unless I believe in their products. I had the pawn shop Telecaster that I had put humbuckers in and reviewed on the reviews of products page. They sent me their top of the line TCP-T4 without any hesitation. Your Humbucker pick up has to have the four wire (for coil tapping) set up.

The pictures below are what I received and how the parts look.

Here is what their product does and really well.
This is in their words.
Here is what their product does and really well.
This is in their words.

The T4-Switch (which I received) gives you 76 pickup tones from instruments with four separate pickup coils.
The T3-Switch gives you 35 pickup tones form instruments with three separate pickup coils.
The T2-Switch gives you 6 pickup tones form instruments with two separate pickup coils.

Makes your instrument sound like nearly every guitar/bass ever made.
Also analog Pickup tones "pure." This unit is passive. No, battery's.
These pictures are from their web site.
My computer would not upload My pictures. Which I will repair with in a week.

The only soldering I did was the ground and positive wires of the female guitar cord plug in. That was my decision. The unit came with total no solder solid connectors. All directions I printed off their web site and of course I used Seymour Duncan wiring diagrams for back up. This went together extremely quickly. I plugged the guitar in and started hitting switches. All I can say is "wow"! I was lost from the start about what to use. There are so many tone combinations I was amazed, From dark thick Humbucker to extreme single coil thin. If you have a gig or recording session you now only need bring one guitar or maybe a couple of you favorites and this. I can honestly say this might become an indispensable guitar in my playing out collection. If your going to play with another guitarist you now have thirty-five tones to compliment the other player. Mind you I do not use thirty-five tones "but' I have them on a whim. Nice option to have. I can see where this unit is going to be more and more practical. There are so many situations gigging out that this guitar is now going to be a blessing. Playing out the wattage you using and/or dynamic's of a room can destroy the wonderful tones you had at band practice. Now you have a quick solution. This is like an artist finding thirty-five more colors of paint to work with. Here is the truth from my experience--I have bought tone multiplers from and others I cannot remember right now. I was never satisfied with the tones. When I was Contacted by  I was thinking "yeah sure, another product that almost works". I have been totally blown away with what this product does. It "Really" works. Their quote is "Our products are the Swiss Army Knife of pickup tones." I am totally in agreement with this analogy. The other experience I experienced is their customer service. Any questions I came up with I would E-mail them. With in a day I had E-mails back. These people have figured out how important you are and want more of your business. Also in this business word of mouth can make or break you in a very short time. I think they are very aware of this and don't want to go there.
Update: After having a couple weeks to play around with this unit I have found more tones than I was expecting. Every time I sit down just to screw around I end  up playing for a couple hours. Using an old Fender Princeton Chorus amp which  has two absolutely wonderful channels. Also the best chorus I have heard from an amplifier. (great practice amp) Channels are -- Clean, two distortions and again a really great chorus, two ten inch speakers --  gives you a great platform to work with.  I was playing Brad Paisley licks that I had no idea were in my repertoire. All of a sudden I had his tone. That is how good this unit has been behaving. There is honestly a different tone with each positions of the switches. Not a slight twist on the last tone. Literally a different tone. This is unlike any other product I have tried. Even the famous Gibson "Varitone" rotary I have on my Gibson.1959 ES-345 (see the vintage page). Actually Paul Rivera added two Varitone's. Still, they cannot touch what this unit can make happen with your guitar.

Bottom Line: At the prices Awesome Guitars is asking for these units and what they can do it is a total win situation for you. This is money well spent. As I learn more about what this unit can do I will up date this review.

Pawn ShopTelecaster Up-Grade

May 11.2012
                        I just bought a Telecaster copy at a local pawn shop. This cost with tax $88.95 and a very cheap gig bag.. I have Guitar Fetish []
 Telecaster Humbuckers. I will have pictures shortly. For those of you that are afraid of working on your guitars. Wiring, soldering, refinishing and  how I learned--Trial and Error. I finally figured out I can do better work than the local. Why--Because this is my equipment and I care about my work. Most Luther's that I know are not going to care about your guitar as much as you do. The pictures will be from the starting point to finish. Pictures, fix it tricks and parts.f you decide you want to do this to a guitar you own--Start out with a cheap one. Thus this Pawn Shop guitar is cheap. At the very least I can part out the guitar. In order to up-grade another one. If the neck is bad I can buy another from [again] Guitar Fetish. By the way Guitar Fetish will not send anything for review. Not even a super deal for the free advertising. Still -- I have not found another company with comparable pricing, quality tone pots, strings and especialy pricing.

These three pictures are the start. The original finish was raw wood. I applied on coat golden oak stain sealer. Then a coat of high gloss polyurethane to the back and sides. The front in these photo's has not received a coat of the gloss. I will be adding a second coat of the poly high gloss. The neck is smooth and fast in it's original raw finish. However I am going to finish the head stock to match the body. Also I am leaving the neck pocket and neck tenon raw wood to wood for tone. Same with the Telecaster bridge cover plate as metal to raw wood. This allows a tremendous amount of tone to come out. I have sanded several of my guitars with bolt on necks in this area and where the bridge touches wood. This brings out more of the guitars personalty. Learned this from Dirk Wacker. He runs and does articles in Premeir Guitar Magazine. He has become a good on line friend. No ego-just a great personality. "And"  he knows an amazing about wiring and the little tricks like I am doing. Check his site.  His website is a wonderful resource.

I finished this guitar up in record time. The sanding of the neck and neck pocket plus under the bridge made this guitar jump out at you. Picture below to show where I sanded. Also I made the picture a little larger than normal. Best if one of your first attempts to do this on a guitar you can part out if you screw up. So far I have done this sanding procedure to three guitars and have had great results.

 The finish would have been better with a spray instead of brush. You can see the picture above and how much shine there is. From a few feet away you cannot see bad marrks or divots in the finish and it shines in the lights. I used the Guitar Fetish Tele rail humbuckers.
http:// I used the Seymour Duncan wiring schematic. One rule with volume and tone Potts is there value. It is supposed to be be 250K on the tone and 500K on the volume with say a Les Paul, SG type or 335 set up. With Strats You are supposed to use 250K's in both positions. I used 500K for more of a rude or rough tone and the guitar delivers that. I believe due to me being from the sixties and on we didn't have a lot of effects. I hate compressors. To me a little definition between strings is heaven. Also I think takes more control to make it sound right {IMO}. The need product is I will take this guitar to all band auditions in the future. Now that is saying something. The guitar still retains a Tele twang when wanted. But, with humbuckers the tone varies to covers a lot of sonic territory. Fished pictures below.--S.C.

Back to The Old?

June 2012 --
I up-graded the pick ups on my favorite Les Paul a few years back. This was with the EMG's sent to me for review. The pick ups are out-standing but not for my personal taste. I have not used the guitar due to the music I have been playing does not work with a high and heavy hitter like these pick ups. The guitar looks beautiful. But, as I am getting older I want my old guitar back before I leave the planet. Some day someone else should be able to revel in playing a genuine great guitar. Owning so many nice instruments through my life I have had the luxury of being able to switch up the standard good guitar to what I thought might work better. Here are a couple pics of "what was" and "what is" right now.

This guitar is absolutely stunning when you open the case. How ever I want it to be playable to my taste again. You can tell from the pictures that I am really enjoying the tone and experience. When your playing in your element or zone it shows. First picture is at a band practice the next are at different gigs. I had been using the guitar for slide. This was due to I was having a hard time learning that batteries were changing the tone as the power level dropped in the batteries. Happening in the middle of playing a song. Made playing live a gamble on consistency. This maybe due to my lack of experience with active pick ups or my inability to buy new 9V batterys ever time I wanted to play
 I will show pictures of the change back. I am keeping the black pick guard and the pick ups will be Seymour Duncan Sh-4 in the bridge {JB} and the SH-2 {jazz}in the neck. I still after ten  years of up grading have as of yet found a better bridge pick up than the SH-4 JB. Neck pick ups have been all over the place.

More to come.

Update -- 1-3-14

I decided to keep things as they are due to falling back in love with what I have done.

Update-- 1-23-15

I still have not had a chance to give this guitar a fair shot after adding the EMG's. However I am convinced the EMG 81/85's are a better sounding active pick-up than the Seymour Duncan Black Out's. A not as harsh to my ears. IMO !!!


Guitar Fetish Dream 90 April 2012

For some time {15 years} I have been unhappy with my fortieth birthday present. A cream colored Les Paul Custom with split diamond inlay's. A log of a neck that is supposed to be a Gibson Super 400 neck. Pretty show stopping guitar. Retailing at four grand plus you would think it would have tone out the wazoo. But, the tone was horrible for what I needed. I tried close to everything I knew to get the tone more to my needs. Even added the "Seymour Duncan's Favorite Set". A JB SH-4 and a Jazz SH-2. Still too bright. No bottom end.  I had noticed a couple advertisements in guitar magazines showing guys playing Les Paul's with a P-90 in the neck position. I didn't want to spend a hundred dollars on a pick up that I might hate as soon as I install it. Once again I went to Guitar Fetish. There was a lot of talk on their site about the "Dream 90" wowing guitar magazine reviewer's. So, I took a chance and ordered one.
Installed the Dream 90 and was totally "Blown Away". I now had bottom end to the max. Extremely powerful, really chunky and really clear. Perfect for chord and rhythm work. You can pull off a Leslie West tone right away.Turn the volume down and the pick up cleans up. Push up the volume and you have a monster on your hands.   My experience with any P-90 pick up has been bad humming {like a grounding hum}, squealing harmonics and no personality {sparkle}. Really Amazing -- There is absolutely no hum with this pick up. I kept the Duncan JB-SH-4 in the bridge and this pick up is almost over powering the Duncan. I am afraid to add a Dream 90 to the bridge position. It might be too much-though I am tempted. If I had a five star rating this would be a six star. That impressed! Then the the price -- $34.95. This is a steal for what you get. Another little plus is this is a really classy looking pickup. Below are a few pictures. Important Remark --I have never regretted anything I have bought from Guitar Fetish. They are a great option to have around.
Now the testing begins. With all products I review I put them through the real world of every weekend band practice's, gigging out. Usually a six month try out. Another test is how does the product stand up to being packed up and moved to a gig and back. Things come loose or lose a little quality from use.
This scares off a lot of companies from sending products for review. I think with this pick up this will open a whole new world of tones. After as long as I have played I am actually excited to see what I can get out of this. This Dream 90 may be a something new for us older musicians that have been through a lot of equipment. From the E-mails I receive the older guy's {and Gals!) are hungry for something new to reignite our musical fantasy's. This may be a good starting point. As always I will not Bull Sh*t my readers and members. I always give you my best and honest  take on a product.
So, stay tuned!

June 2011 [update2/2012]--Dean Markley, Inc "Strings"

I was lazy enough to copy this from the main page. Which I just up dated---------------------------------
New News [June 2011--] -- The Dean Markley Company, inc. has sent me several sets of their guitar strings to review. I am in the middle of the review. I had tried a set of their BLUE STEEL strings and I was shocked at the difference in tone. Honestly shocked and taken by surprise. I E-mailed them just to let them know my experience. I also wrote about this site and I would like to do a review if possible. Once again after looking at the site and realizing what it is about. Another company that understands that you the readers are whom makes their pay checks and they want your business  I was E-mailed back in two day's. Surprised again! I have taken note on this site about several companies that have helped. If you get a chance E-mail them and thank them for caring about US --The everyday buyer of their products. I have been treated rudely by a few company's. They have the attitude that we are low life's. They believe that you are stupid enough to buy their products because a big star uses their products. The truth is trial and error, also word of mouth. Hopefully this site will be helpful for you. That you get to know it and me as a good source of information.
BTW --one of those company's that really must hate me or something is Carvin. I have tried many times now to get on their good side. They have been either rude on the phone or just plain ignored. In case you have not read how this happened --Three years ago I asked them for anything they would like me to review and that I had just started this and asked for an answer ASAP. They took it as a threat. Literally writing me back and swearing that any further communication would result in me being introduced to their lawyers. I wonder how they treat you if one of their product breaks and you contact them? I have had several reads write me and say Carvin was not thrilled to hear from them. However their products, especially guitars --  I have heard nothing but praise from  readers and members.  One reason I really want to try out some of their products. I have heard horrible things about their PA's. But, their guitars are supposed to be something to behold! Really prefer to try one out and then write something on here. Get you the truth.
So, stand by for my experience with the  Dean Markley strings. Shoud be interesting. They sent  some completely different types of strings to try out. As of right now I would suggest buying a set of their Blue Steel string. Send me your review. If it is written half ass well and it is honest I will publish it. Why not? This site is about us. Not me.
UPDATE:  Feb.2012
 I am still of the same opinion the Blue Steel strings are the best out there. Every time I play out or have band practice I walk away thinking "That really sounded good today" Very noticeable when I am playing a guitar with cheaper strings. After all these years of playing you would not think it would make that much difference. In my opinion it does!


 10-15 And I just moved this up 10-7-15.

Just E-mailed Eastwood I moved this review up a little.Even though I am getting on in age I will not give in and all way tell the truth as it happens too me and experience with said products. -------I contacted Eastwood Guitars to thank them for sending the after mentioned guitar. This guitar is and I repeat from the review below a "Hoot" too play.


Below is the original review and I stand by it TODAY !!!  05/27/2018  E-mail me if you disagree. I really believe if you want your moneys worth in today's over priced market where do you go in the guitar world? Eastwood Guitars is a very viable option. I will up date this if they reply back and do not mind my comments, Just being honest. S.C 10-15.


         As most of my readers know, when I do a review it is in layman's terms. Not a lot of fancy talk about the electrics or the fancy woods it is made out of or what ever. My reviews are -- does the the guitar work and sound good and is it worth the money. {What a concept} Mind you I do know a hell lot about the before mentioned subjects. Also a reminder --  I play in a cover dance band playing up to sometimes seventy songs a night. Punk, funk,country, metal, Classic Rock--You name it. When I try a guitar out at band practice the guitar is put through some pretty heavy challenges. Also one very important note. I just don't do a review and walk off . You will notice I come back with notes on the guitars and equipment. This is because I really use them and the guitar review is not over until I think I have covered all the piece of equipment can do.Unlike other guitar/product reviewers do. Of coarse they only get paid for what they have been told to review. I don't make money at this. My income is not from the guitar world. Also you can E-mail me and argue a point or add another point of view and I "will" return your E-mail with an answer. Okay on with this review.

Model Name: AIRLINE� 3P DLX
View Media
Buy Now
Choose Your Color
Price :$799.00 US
AIRLINE� Guitars were made in the USA from 1958-68 by VALCO and sold through Montgomery Ward. VALCO also made National and SUPRO brands. Today they are played by people like David Bowie, The Cure, Calexico and White Stripes. Original Res-O-Glas models now sell for $2,000-$3,000.
Colours: Red, White, Sunburst, Vintage Cream, Black, LH White
Body: Tone Chambered Mahogany
Neck: Bound Maple, Bolt-on
Fingerboard: Rosewood, Block Markers
Scale Length: 25 1/2" (648mm)
Width at Nut: 1 11/16"
Pickups: Three Alnico Hot-10 Humbuckers
Switching: 5-Way
Controls: 3 Volume, 3 Tone, 1 Master Volume
Bridge: 5-way Adjustable Roller Bridge, BIGSBY Licensed Tremolo
Hardware: Vintage Kluson Style Nickel/Chrome
Strings: D'Addario #10
Case: extra
Unique Features: BIGSBY Licensed Tremolo
Suggested Retail: $1029.00 US

When Eastwood guitars sent me this guitar I was expecting another cheap Korean guitar. If you look at the picture below--I was surprised at what I was looking at. This guitar has no flaws in the finish. The bolt on neck is set perfectly. Fret work is excellent. The guitar balance is perfect. In other words you are not battling holding the guitar neck up while playing. I.E. some Telecaster's. Bigsby tremolo end piece and they added a roller bridge--Smart Move! This is a really "Cool" looking guitar. I first plugged it into my little Crate amp 10" speaker. I use this amp when I am hot rodding a guitar and checking it. Then my Princeton. Then my regular set up. Marshall 2000, New Marshal MG, and my old ever faithful Evil Twin. In every case I was extremely surprised by the tone. The tone is equal to the Gibson Standard 490 series pick-ups ( Les Paul Standard & the L.P. Custom). A good solid work horse pick-up. I played the guitar at my last band practice. This is a work out for any guitar. The Eastwood handled every song I could throw at it. To me this is not a shred guitar. It is a good work horse type that looks really cool. The members in my band asked what all the buttons were for. One volume and one tone for each pick-up and a master volume. I told them one was a radio station and the other is emergency weather alert and I was not sure on the third.Probably warns you if there is a grease fire in the kitchen. This guitar kept having the guys make comments on the looks. To put it all on the line--In My Opinion --This guitar is worth the money they are asking. It is a work horse guitar with a "Large" tonal variety/palette. (five way switching.) You will grow into this guitar because of all the options in tone. Not forgetting the Bigsby Tail Piece. I own a 71 SG with one and a 2002 Gretch Sparkle Jet Syncromatic with one. The 71 SG Bigsby is of great quality because back then they didn't scrimp on the metal thickness. The Sparkle Jets Bigsby is just plain cheap. The one on the Eastwood is more in line with my SG's. Not that close but a major improvement.. This guitar will be keeping you busy learning and inventing new tones to work with. To top it all -- people (the audience) are going to be knocked out by the looks of this guitar. It is a show stopper. If they guy's in my band kept making nice comments (and they are pretty jaded in this area) then I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen when I play out to an audience. Two more things I want to add. The tuners are Gibson style tulip ends but that is where the similarity ends. I don't like the tuners. Because on the back side of the head stock the tuners look like the old cheap type that you cannot replace just one tuning gear. You have to replace all three on a side because they are connected. My only gripe. The case (optional) is of great quality compared to other foreign guitar cases. Where they (foreign manufacturers) have used Styrofoam, cloth and a glue gun. The case I received was really made well. Close in quality to a Fender square guitar case.
*************Update 11/21/09****** I have been having trouble with my live rig as for harmonic squealing. I picked up the Eastwood at the end of today's band practice. I was really tired of fine tuning everything for four hours. I plugged in the Eastwood and I was totally amazed at the tone. Good solid chords. No hum or noise when at a pause. This guitar is growing on me extremely quickly. I was going to use it as a slide guitar. I think I am going to to use it when my Les Paul w/EMG's gets too heavy as the evening wears on. I also noticed that this guitar is really well balanced when wearing. My band starts gigging again come January. I will be taking this guitar out to play. Then up-date this as a finale part of this review. So Far So Good. As of right now I would buy one of these as a show/play out guitar. That is a compliment I rarely give out!
************Update 12-22-09***********Okay, here is the bottom line. After playing this guitar in and out for around three months, this guitar is just plain fun to play! As you have read I have had nothing to fix up on this guitar. The spacing on the strings is just wide enough to do open chords easily. I am a little older and my fingers have grown fatter through the years. The intro to Bad Co's Feel Like Making Love I can make the chords come through really clean and clear. Yet going into the chorus with a dash distortion and your right there where your tone is supposed to be. Usually I have to file/dress the frets a little. Check the pick ups. Polish it up and oil the fret board. With everything it was just good enough to not have to do anything. I cannot say that with most guitars. I did put the Kalamazoo setting on the pick ups. The finish is better than my 1995 Les Paul Classic--no flaws. Pick ups with a good chord to the amp--No squealing/Good Tone.  Neck is just a tad fatter than a Les Paul. Everything is "Just Good Enough!" Which is better than a few higher end guitars I have can say. Not to mention the looks  gets everybody's attention. From the audience to other guitarists at practice or playing at a gig. Also, no kidding, this is a fun guitar to play. Hard to explain I look forward to switching to it at a gig or practice. If you have the spare money--go check one out. This is a for real "Buy It" guitar! At least this model.
***********11-16-10-- I still am enjoying the hell out of this guitar. In fact I am going to pull it out this coming Sunday's band practice. I now own thirty-one guitars [for now]. This is really saying something when I feel I need to add this comment a year after my last comment. Again, I have not changed a thing on this guitar. There is no just reason to mess with it. I have had band members ask when I am going to pull this guitar out again. I just can't say enough about this one. If your into guitar to the point of stupid like I am -- go try one out at the very least. It is just a "fun" guitar to play.


Here is some of the information they provide---This is pasted in.

Airline 3 Deluxe Guitar

Bigsby Tremolo Tail, Roller bridge
Three Alnico HOT-10 Humbucker Pickups
Raised metal AIRLINE Logo
Available in LEFT-HAND

Reg. $1,029
Our Price
Color Hardshell Case $99  

Other Available Guitar Colors & Finishes
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The Art of Up-Grading A Pawn Shop Guitar

Coming up--After doing the up-grade of the Pawn shop Stratocasters I ordered pick guards that will accept Humbuckers sized pic-ups. I have several sets of active Humbuckers I did reviews on. I have never seen Strat's with active Humbuckers. Ala  EMG or Seymore Duncan. I have added the Seymour Duncan Blackouts. These are equal to the EMG 81/85. A little more of this a little less of that. I went back to EMG's on my Les Paul. Just my ears hearing the difference. My preference for that guitar. Why have not I seen big active Humbuckers in Stratocasters. At least I have never seen one. Will the tone suffer? Is it just a bad match? I want to know. I will be hunting down a good pawn shop prize to do this. Maybe several. There is a huge amount of Fender Squire Strat's or other makes that I have found at pawn shops. [Warning: "check the necks!"] The pick guard is almost wired and looks sharp. Stay tuned.

Seymour Duncan Guitar Pick-Ups

I am going to be doing several reviews on some of the Seymour Duncan Guitar Pick-ups very shortly. Some of the members of this site have E-Mailed me about guitar pick-ups recently. I am pretty sure their tax money has come back and they are ready to start some new projects. As most of you know Seymour Duncan pick-ups are what all these custom pick-up manufacturers are trying to copy or make better than. To make a guitar pick-up sound better than a Seymour Duncan is a rare talent. Almost a gift. I was in contact with the Duncan company. After several phone calls I didn't hear back. I tried one last time and finally went through. They are sending me several different type's that have just come out with. Slashes new pick up first one set is being sent as an example of how they are working with me.
I will up date this as soon as I receive this products and install it them.***************
Okay I received a few pick ups from Duncan. When I receive products from companies they sometimes are not absolutely spanking brand new. Some are  B stock or have been used for demonstration purposes. This does not matter to me. I just want it to work like a brand spanking new one for reviews. This is what the Seymour Duncan Company did here and I have no problem with it. They sent several types of pick-ups and I thank them for working with us. That is pretty darn cool.
Okay 1st the new Mick Thomson/EMPTY Black Out "Active" pick ups. For the start up player out there Active means it takes a 9V battery--Passive means an everyday pick-up used on most guitars. Single coil or double coil humbucker type. This pick up is supposed to have a tighter bottom end and extreme personality on the high end. This is a heavy metal pick up.
2nd they sent their Black Outs. These are "Active". I was told these were manufactured to compete with the EMG Active pick up which I installed in my black Les Paul. Reviewed on this page a while ago. These pick-ups have been made to switch out with the EMG quick connect feature. Making changing these out a real snap after altering the Les Paul Tone and Volume controls {pots}in the original installation of the EMGs. Again I was told that the Black Outs did such a good job EMG came out with their EMG-X series to up-grade too. This is a good healthy competition between two great companies with top of the line products. IMO
    Now what is interesting to me is they sent three of the new Alnico II Pro Slash. I was again told these were in the first run of these pick ups. A score for this site. I think we beat everyone else at reviewing these first.  I am going to put the neck model in my Chinese fake Les Paul. I already have a JB in the bridge. Then I have a Les Paul Classic with a Duncan "59"  in the bridge and a Gibson 490 in the neck. This I am going to switch out all the way with the Slash models. A complete swap out. This should be a great review between the two guitars. Once again I want to thank The Seymour Duncan Co. for working with us! When companies do this they really want to be part of what this site is trying to do. That is a "Stand Up" thing to do in this day and age. Now I have to get to work changing all this stuff out and start playing.
UPDATE:  4-21-10
This coming Friday I am taking my Les Paul with the  Alnico II Pro Slash pick-ups and My old baby my black Les Paul Standard with the new Mick Thomson/EMPTY Black Out "Active" pick-ups. In band practice both guitars have been up-graded in tone and power. The Mick Thomson pick-ups have great personality and I should be using that guitar for most of the evening. The Slash--Les Paul is now extremely "hot'--I usually start the evening off with a hotter guitar to warm up on. Usually the first set. Then I go to a guitar that covers a lot of styles of music. Then the last set I am getting a little tired--so I switch back to a hot guitar to help my fingers have a little extra push of power.
Here comes the "real" test for these pick-ups!
A five set GIG-- That is "fifty" songs!
Update - 5 -12-10
 I have been down a little ill the past few weeks and neglected to stay on top. When I play the for-mentioned gig the weather was bad. I was not able to carry all my equipment to the show. Played with about half of what I usually have with me. Unfair test. The Les Paul with the Slash pick-ups I played most of the evening. It worked very well considering  I had half of my tone. As usual we sold the show. If the crowd is having a fun night -- it does not matter how you sound! I also brought along the black Les Paul Standard W/Mick Thomson pick-ups. Really delivered .[ But --always put in a new battery before you play out.]  I am not done testing these pick-ups. They are going to go through a heck of a lot in playing in the next few months. This will be before I put a "real" stamp on them. The Seymour Duncan Company is expecting me to really put the pick-ups through the mill--so to speak  I will add more in a couple weeks.
Update  6-16-10

 The "Slash" pick ups are really growing on me. My band has three gigs starting this weekend and through the beginning of July. Now I can really give a consistent back to back gig analysis. I am having a hard time dialing in the Mick Thompson pick ups. Active pick ups are a different beast. Not only the Mick Thompson pick up. The Black Outs gave me a hard time also. Same as the EMG's. Active pick ups are really clean with a high boost. You have to reprogram your effects units to accommodate this power surge.  There is a real clarity and dynamics to each string with the Black Outs. Even more with the Mick Thompson pick ups. I have a feeling I am going to be really amazed with these once I have all the tricks worked out. I will share everything I find to save some of you time. Right now if I hit a patch on my effects unit that normally is really pushing the signal -- The active pick ups come through very strong and really clean. Totally backwards from what I would have thought was going to happen. Live and learn I guess.
Update 6-30-10 
My band is set to play at a Harley Davidson dealership 4th of July weekend. We are to play three hours of "Blue's" songs. I have been practicing with the Les Paul with the Slash pick ups. This may not sound professional but "WOW"! Talk about covering the tone. From SRV to BB King.
I have always said that a good guitar helps you play and sound better. I was using this guitar as a back up. This may change. Maybe I dialed in the right amount of something. Of coarse I used the "S.C. Kalamazoo" setting on the pick ups. Also I kept raising and lowering the pick ups at band practices. These are ideas to try with any guitar.
7-03-10  -
I am now completely sold on the "SLASH" Pick ups. After yesterdays outdoor gig I was totally blown away by the pick ups performance. The Les Paul I used with these pick ups played with a real personality.
To get my personal best approval of a product I always say one thing, which is rare. IMPO
[in my personal opinion]
"Buy Them!"  You will be buying one of the best product up-grade's manufactured for guitar.
Right now I own thirty guitars. Most are mid-high to high end guitars.
This guitar is now my number one because of these pick-ups.
10-05-10--I have been experimenting with the Active pick ups. 
If you are wanting to push you effects or amp this is the way to go
The Black Outs and the Mick Thomson {more of everything}really work. I would suggest if you are playing heavy metal or dropped D tunings or
 tuning  a full step down--These are what you would be looking for. Also the guitars becomes "really" quiet when not playing. Kind of surprises you.
I usually expect a little noise through the amp when paused. The unexpected quiet makes you turn your head to the amp sometimes. As always
try raising and lowering the height of the pick ups in relation to the strings. Everyone hears sound a little different. Experiment when playing with other people.
Sure you can practice and do this -- But -- there is a "major" difference when playing music with other people. I have found that what I thought sounded
great when practicing [tone] sounded terrible when playing with my band. Many times I thought I had found the perfect new tone or distortion. Then it sounded like mud when played with other musicians.

Guitar Fetish Prewired Pick Guard

 This I hope will be one of my better reviews. As some of us know eventually your going to try to build a better guitar for your self. I have seen some of these people that say they can fix up a guitar. My feeling is if they can do so can I. I will probably do a better job because I care about the guitar. Also if anything just to understand how things work. I have been buying pawn shop beauty's and do what I call hot rodding them. Adding better pick ups -- beefing up the tremolo -- better tuners. You need a foundation to build on. I pick up Fender Squire Stratocasters. There are a ton of them out there and some are amazing in how well they are put together. Then there are some that are just junk. I had three of these Strats to work from. all have great fast necks with action set up better than most high end guitars. Guitars with single coil pickups I cannot make sound as good as when I play a guitar with humbuckers.The guitars I used here I upgraded to what I like Humbucker pick ups. What I like to call a "Stunt" guitar. Gives you several ways to do guitar tricks as EVH or Randy Rhodes, Etc. All though these do not have a Floyd Rose Tremolo. They do have a standard Trem. First I want to show what you find when you pull off the pick guard. Two things. The guitar body is routed out for three pickups or there is a cavity that is called a swimming pool. Pictured below.
I had already started chiseling the routed guitar on the right. You have to make your own swimming pool. Only problem after this was the depth of the entire hole.You will notice a ground wire coming through the body. It is attached to the tremolo on the back side of the guitar. Two more wires go to the plug in front. Simple one hot and one ground. It will only work one way. Next is the prewired pick guard from Guitar Fetish. Comes with Humbuckers and I am amazed at the power and tone from an afford-ably priced [$39.95] unit. You can always up-grade pickups later if needed.. Wiring is neat and professional pictured below the link

There is always the possibility that screw holes are off. So take a 1/16" drill bit and drill a pilot hole for the screw with pick guard in place. Works great. I always hand tighten the screws. Can't strip them out that way. But--if you do take a wood tooth pick. Shove it in the hole and break it off. Then screw it. Only problem that came up was the depth of the cavity's. The pickup adjustment arms did bottom out  raising the pick guard around the pickup areas. If it had been more I could have chiseled out some wood. Any time you are removing wood you are taking a chance on taking away tone or bottom end [bass] tone. Next pictures are the finished products. I took one of these over to a bass players house for trying it out. I had him turn the volume and tone knobs. Really high quality parts. He reaction was quote "wow, they feel like a high end Pioneer radio tuner parts." Really smooth with a little smooth resistance. Not scratchy sounding at all. Below are three results. All have their own tone. Each cost me less than a hundred dollars. They sound close to my Les Pauls with the bell like Strat tone added when doing leads. Also, they really look good. Polished up they look like a brand new instrument. Easily resell them for three hundred dollars or more. Problem is I keep everything. I did give one of these to my nephew. If it is the only electric guitar he ever owns--it will probably be more guitar than he will need. That good! The one in the middle I gave him.

I cannot say enough about these pre-wired pick guards by Guitar Fetish. This is a good honest deal for us do it yourselfer's.

Added note --When you buy the pawn shop prizes--it might surprise you that the case the guitar comes in some times is worth more than what you paid for the guitar. I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag. It is always a little extra when they go in to the back of the store to find what it came in. Then walk out with a two hundred dollar case for a seventy five dollar guitar. This has happened several times to me. This is between you-me and the wall. One of my secrets.

9-7- 2011

I found these in Vintage Guitar Magazine. At $2.99 A set I figured try them out. I ordered the string and received them in four days.
That was fast! Wrote them before hand and told them I was going to review their products. I figure if they come close in tone to Dean Markley and cost close to the same as Xavier/Guitar Fetish strings $2.39 this would be a great find. So hang tight. I just received the strings yesterday. I really do think Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are the best I have played. More to come.

New Review "Acoustic Knowledge"

I wrote the review below at the end and beginning of 2010 to 2011. After going to a local sell all store and trying out the acoustics in stock -- I am going to redo this review. I was totally let down by what I played. Really disappointing. I gave the Bedell acoustic I own a negative review in the review below. After playing the guitars at this store the Bedell now comes off shining. This is really giving a "huge" negative to the guitars I played at that store. I am going to go back, take pictures and name names. I really want to thank the chain store Best Buy for letting me go into their store. Knowing what I was going about and doing. I prefer them to Guitar Center. Just in the way keep their guitar inventory in good shape. No finger prints or dinged up highly scratched guitars hanging on the walls.
I am probably going to Roast a few manufactures for putting out some products that should be insulting to your (the reader/player) intelligence.

I have not been "pissed off" on this site for a year or so.
So get ready! This is what I promised close to three years ago on page one of this site I will not let you down!

Acoustic Knowledge

The following guitars are part of my collection. If you play electric guitar you really need an acoustic to add to your rhythm technique. Finding ways to make chords sound better. I always have an acoustic guitar in my TV room. This way I always have a little practice everyday.
    I use electric guitar strings on two of my acoustics ( 9's). This way they play is close to the way my electric guitars do. The other two which are dreadnought size (big) I put the regular bronze 12's on. Great for chord work and building strength and calluses. Another thing is I play with just my fingers instead of a pick. Not always--but-- I really feel more connected to the guitar with my fingers plucking away.
  Okay, here are the victims.

Washburn model D17-S (spruce top) C (cut away) E (electric)
This guitar I bought 19 years ago. It is mint. It is a higher end Washburn.
I paid $660 for it. In today's dollars it would be twice that. The spruce top gave it little harmonic over tones. I have been told that a spruce top becomes more musical the more you play it and as it ages.  I would say the tone of the guitar has at the least doubled from when it was brand new. The neck is more like the 1960's profile neck on a Gibson L.P. Classic. Fast and comfortable. Ebony fret board. Ebony fret boards are supposed to have a brighter sound than rose wood. This one has the Equis  electric pick up system. Five pin and 1/4" plug insert plug hole. Recording or useing and amp. Nice touch. Three band EQ. I really think if your looking for an acoustic guitar that you get back what you paid for it Washburn guitars puts out very affordable ones with great quality. Now this is if your doing what I do. Just screwing around and practicing. If you are planning on playing only acoustic guitar you might want to invest more money. You might want to try out a Martin or Taylor or Guild and of coarse Gibson. There are so many manufactures of acoustic guitars it is easily bewildering. Keep in ming acoustic guitars do one thing. Electric has a ton of different uses from twang to jazz,etc. In the end it is your ears and you hands that will tell. This is the best acoustic I have.
 Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Acoustic-Electric
This has the plum burst finish. The "Multichromatic Wood Epaulet Inlays" (no big sound hole but little ones) spruce top and advertised with a punchy tone. "And" it does have punch. This is one I put electric strings on (9's) and have used for years as my main practice guitar. Great neck and fast. Great tone. This one I have taken out to gigs. I have had people walk up on band break and have to say something about the guitar. It does a great job and you look cool playing it. If you play out you are there to entertain and looking cool helps. The Ovation has looks most people know or have owned one. This starts conversations with audience members during breaks. Which makes the evening more fun for them. Musicians Friend's April 2010 Guitar Buyers Guide had one of this style on their "Hot Buys" back page for $299.
That is a real deal. You get your moneys worth. I have light electric strings [09's] on it and it has great tone. If I put 12's on it the guitar might blow apart from being punchy--that good. It has standard three EQ sliders and three more push in buttons to get the electrified tone you need. If you have a beer belly this is not for you. The back of the guitar is round like a beer belly. So wearing it will be hard to control due to it rolling around on you--No kidding. You would be better off with a square back guitar. Great guitar for noodling around and you can go out and gig with it not worrying about scratching it. As with your regular all wood guitars the back on an Ovation is plastic. A little more road worthy. This is a good solid guitar to own.

Bedell TB-24-G
( I have no idea what these letters and numbers mean)

This is the new kid on the acoustic block. I keep the strings on that it came with. I will use 10's to 12's string gauges on this one. This guitar is loud and boomy.
This is due to the Canadian Red Ceder top. The sides and back are Solid Indian Rosewood. Great sounding guitar. Great tone. Put together expertly. One point of curiosity Bedell advertises that this guitar is totally American made. In fact their advertisement say's they are put together in Aspen, Colorado. Then why on the back of the head stock do they have a sticker that say's "Made In China"?---- I really don't know if the red cedar top grows more tone full with time as a Spruce top does. The only guitar I can compare this with is the old late 1960's Harmony Sovereign. This was top of the line for a cheap guitar. I had one that was stolen or lost. I played the hell out of that guitar. I read an interview of  Jimmy Page where he said that was one of his favorite acoustics. He said "Now that I have said that they probably will all
disappear from the pawn shops and little music stores".  The only negative on this guitar is price. $1600.00  For a non-electric acoustic that is a little over priced to me.
Then again maybe I don't know what I have. Still, this is a nice guitar to own. If you are looking for an new acoustic this might be it. This guitar has a tone where it is up to your ears if you want it. It might be the tone you have been waiting for years--Then again maybe not. Hard to pin down an exact opinion. Best answer-go try one out.
This is an update: I really feel I am not giving this guitar a complete review. I just went back over the guitar. Workmanship is great, Fret dressing great, Everything is great. I still am having problems with the price tag. I am going to call these guys and ask why or what is so "wonderful" about the product. When I call manufacturers both sides get an understanding of each other. When writing words down they can be misunderstood. Sometimes taking the attitude wrong. Hell, I have done that myself. I just personally feel I am not seeing or playing what is advertised as the best new acoustic to come out in a while. More to come on this one.

 Pictures below of these guitars. Pictures Left to Right--Epiphone Hummingbird Bedell  Washburn  Ovation.

Last is the big surprise.
Epiphone none-electric Hummingbird.
I found this in the local pawn shop. Cherry Sunburst finish. Mahogany body with a Spruce top Chrome hardware. This guitar is as good as the Ovation I just reviewed.
Great tone. Neck is fast and slim. They advertise this guitar as being made to match up perfectly with the human voice. {I thought they all did that}This guitar usually lists around $350. P{awn shop wanted $150. I offered $50 and it went home with me. This is another great guitar to put electric strings on and keep it handy to snatch up and play. I keep this one close to my TV chair. In case I get the urge  pick and play for a few minutes. Also the Cherry Sunburst finish is really nice and matches up with a couple others I own {picture below} If you can pick this one up for close to $100 buy it. I played a real Gibson Hummingbird a while back. This guitar sounds just as good if not a hair better. A real surprise!

Now this looks really COOL to me. I took this picture when I was photographing the acoustic shots. I had to add it.

Finally-- Out of these four guitars, if I was to keep only one it would be the Washburn.
It's sound and tone keep getting better with age.
I am trying to get some other manufactures in on this review or the existing makers up date what I am showing here.

EMG Zakk Wilde 81/85 Active

EMG pick ups --   This company has gone over board in helping. Any questions I have had they have returned any E-mail's with-in hours. No other company shown this kind of interest. They want your business and have gone out of their way to show us their products. I replaced the pick-ups in my work horse Les Paul Standard. When I replaced the pick-ups in my Chinese fake my  black Les Paul sounded bland and weak. I tried several different pick-up combinations. None would come close to the Chinese fake. Finally I put these in and I would say they are at the least five times better in every category. I will be playing the Les Paul tonight at practice. Then I will put a complete review here. Just plugging in and testing the guitar was a treat. Just as a tease before tonight. Imagine a Duncan JB with the Kalamazoo setting and multiply that five times. I consider the Duncan JB in the bridge position amazing if that helps explain. Below is a picture I just took.
Okay, I spent four and a half  hours practice with my band-- the guitar is now back to my number one. The tone is what ever I ask it to do.
 To put it simply-- the guitar now is pre-amped. Pushes threw the effects with ease and more power if you want it. Your tone control is wider. More colors to choose from. If you are trying to get a little nasty dirt from your pick up these will not do this. However it will push a distortion effect to a new level. These bring out the harmonic levels. Really opens up a chord. I play threw three amps to cover highs, mids and lows. Each amp covers each area. Playing in a cover band we play Metal, Country, Rock and Roll, Punk--you name it. I usually have three or four guitars to change to for different styles. I didn't have too this evening. If you have a good guitar and you are a tone freak this is a must. The pick-ups are not cheap. But, if you want the best I really do not think you are going to find much more out of a pick-up. { EMG also sent me their new active X-series.81-X/60-X This is supposed to be another step up.} To say the least I am very impressed. This guitar is now "Totally" at a pro level thanks to the EMG pick-ups. I always have tried to guide the members and readers of the site if your going to spend more than a usual amount for a product at least get your moneys worth. This product does it in spades. This is after one practice. I really don't know how far these pick-ups will take my playing. That impressive. One last thing. When not playing these are totally quiet. I usually get some sort of hum or buzz from at least one amp. Not a sound, pop, snap, hum etc. Really quiet. Kind of weird from what I am used too. Shortly I will review their X-series. I honestly do not know how one would improve what is here.I suggest you get out there and try a guitar that has this combination in it. These pick ups get the best rating I can give. I was really worried that I could not improve beyond the Res Paul. Problem solved!
As for wiring EMG sends everything you need (except battery). All wiring is is plug together. The only soldering is for the plug in jack from the amp. To give you an idea how versital the guitar now is-- the song "Fell Like Making Love" by Bad Company starts with clean acoustic then punches in with hard distorted guitar for the main chorus. The tone of these pick-ups is that versital. Mind you I use distortion on the chorus. But it really punches in the gut with distortion.
I have been having a ton of problems with my live rig harmonic squealing.
I am always trying out guitars I have hot rodded or screwed around with at practice..
At the end of practice I grabbed my black L.P./EMG Standard. All of a sudden I was
right at home. The EMG's took care of all problems in an instant. For the next hour
 I was in guitar playing bliss. The EMG's keep on surprising me what they can do.

J. S. Moore Pick Ups--

Jon  of J.S. Moore pick ups ( ) sent me a pair of pick up for my 91 Les Paul Custom (Cream Colored) I told him I wanted a bridge pick up that was close too or exceeded The Seymour Duncan JB SH-4. Which I considered at the time to be the best bridge pick up out there for mass produced. I always say I want a pick up that has a little personality / Snarls at times. At the end of four to five sets I am tired and I need that little bit extra to help. Then in the neck I want something close to a Gibson 496R or the  Gibson '57N Classic for the neck position. I told him I would need a very clear tone for songs like Stormy Monday and Neon Moon. Playing as many different styles I need a wide variety of tones with a little personality in each little tone.Almost an small different accent for each setting tweak. I received the pick ups in about a week after we talked. This was Christmas 09 a week early I received them and installed them.
  One of these day's I am going to learn that a "Custom Handmade" just-about anything in the guitar world blows away anything mass produced.
I installed these right away and tried them out on my usual rig. Marshall JCM 2000 100watt/JCM MG100FX/100W 98 Fender Evil Twin.
I was blown away. I had only done the Kalamazoo setting and this guitar was now chomping at the bit. Like a fine Thoroughbred race horse. Just
Raw almost controlled power and personality. These are going to take a few weeks of practice to dial in to what I need.
  I can tell you right now I have run into another winner. Now to find out just how good -- good is. Keep checking in on this review. This guitar I intended to make this my main guitar for the next five years or so. Jon knew this. He didn't shy down for one second. He actually told me he thought he could come close. Now I feel a little stupid.
So, Standby and keep checking in on this review. I figure a month or two to dial in what these Pick ups can do
Below are a couple pics of the picks. BTW--These pick-ups had a little weight to them. A good solid weight.

Okay--I started this review about two months ago. I have just had a lot of fun dialing in the right tone and I did find it. (at least for now--what I want always changes) What I have found with hand made/wound pick-up's is they are extremely accurate. I believe this is because a person made them not a machine. There is a little added sparkle to the product. That is exactly the word to use with Jon's pick ups. I guess to put this in the correct perspective if I was looking for another guitar to hot rod the pick-ups on Jon's pick ups would come in the top five area.Considering the competition that is a heck of a compliment. That is a pretty heady group I am putting him in. Another plus is his pricing. Check and compare with what is out there. One last Item is when you buy from Jon you can talk to him personally. He will build what you want. In this day and age that is pretty cool.

Rosignolo Guitar Polish

I was calling around the country trying to find a guitar polish I could back. I ran into this system of guitar cleaner-polish and detail liquids.
I am giving these a good work out and have been impressed with the results. It was hard to find this product and I might end up being a supplier.
I really want to put it through the ringer before I give it a stamp of approval--Especially if I start selling the product.
Because of the trust I have gained from members and readers of this site--If I put my name on it the product it had better perform!
 More To Come on this.   

Rhondo $100 Guitar

 Pretty obvious this guitar was going to be on the cheap side. I decided if I was going to hot rod a guitar again I want one with a new finish. Pawn shop guitars are usually beat up. So, you don't worry about screwing up the guitar when you are learning to solder and upgrade electronics. The finish on this guitar is a photo flame--A picture added to the body of the guitar. Then finished over. This has a beautiful finish. Other than photo flame (big deal) the finish is immaculate. My Res Paul had several fun house mirror blemishes. The neck is very flat and playable--fast. The fret edges (dressing) were almost sharp. But, I didn't need to file them.. Pick-ups are really cheap. I expected that. The Floyd Rose was not a cheap one. You can whammy hard and the guitar stays in tune. This is a perfect guitar for up-grading. This review is short because I am adding a few of Guitar Fetish parts. New speed loader Floyd Rose, Pre-wired pick guard with P-90's and controls. I need what I call a "Stunt"guitar. I thought this would be a good start for the review. Pictures below of original. More information coming as I upgrade the guitar. I have been E-mailed by readers and members that the more expensive the model the better the quality. These are a deal. I would say this is easily equal to a $300 to $400 dollar guitar. This is a Chinese guitar. Even said so on the side of the box. If the Chinese start making Five Thousand dollar guitars. the American or entire industry is in for hard times. Major name manufacturers are going to have an impossible time explaining  what they are charging. They already are! A five grand Chinese guitar would be equal to a ten to twenty grand American guitar in quality. This would hurt a lot of small business clothiers or it would bring in a big competitor to their quality of guitar.

UPDATE ---Nov. 2013
         I still have this guitar. Never used it. It received the P.O.S. {piece of s**t}award. However! -- For $100 you receive a tone of parts you can use on other projects. Great tuners, Pearloid pick guard, a good Floyd Rose Tremolo The body has a great photo flame top and finish. Not a total loss for the being on the cheap. The manufacturers buy the parts buy the rail road car full. Penney's on the dollar. There is a plus to this

Older Review

I have order several different combinations of pickups from Guitar-fetish. Also I ordered new tone and volume controls.  I will be adding the more expensive Humbuckers to the Chinese Les Paul and the controls. These they are calling "The Brown Sound" I ordered two more (4) sets of
over-wound double white humbuckers. One set I will put in my S-101-335. I put the
pickups from my Les Paul Classic in the 335 and it's just too much power. If I did hard metal all the time I could make them work. (Maybe) But I play in a cover band. We are all over the place in musical styles. What I am looking for is a pick up that helps my playing with a little personality of it's own. One bar we play--we play for five sets a night. By the fifth set I can use all the help I can get.
 I will be receiving these parts this coming weekend and I am hopeful will have some great answers for all of you a week after. All this stuff cost less that $200 bucks. So we will see. If these work This will save us all a ton of money and keep our passion/obsession fed! (For Now) I have been in touch with Lollar pick-ups. Teye guitars uses there picks ups and Bill Lawrence one of our comments said Lollar pick ups are the best. Teye said he thought they are more musical than Seymour Duncan. Personally I don't think Duncan's are that bad. Great upgrade. But they all cost. Namm is starting next week so all these manufacturers are heading to California and I really can't bug them. So It's up to me this month to keep everything fresh and new. Any idea's about future subjects E-mail me. I'll give you credit for the idea.


I received and have installed the pick ups. This was "Totally" worth the money.
The only pick up right now that I can say is the best I have heard/played is the
Seymour Duncan JB. I cannot say enough about this pick up.


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